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Janet A.

Alray Scholars Program

The Alray Scholars Program provides financial and mentoring support to primarily low-income and minority Boston Public School grads who started college, dropped out and return to higher education to earn their degree.

What did Janet need?

We need help in putting together a scheduled newsletter that exhibits our students/graduates resilience but also reflects the current public health emergency. We need help in providing that balance.

Working with the Alray Scholars Program was amazing! Not only was Janet great to work with, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet some fantastic scholars who have such inspirational stories.
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Ashley T.


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Apr 30, 2020


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Ashley T.


Academic professional looking for a research based faculty career focusing on education, sociology, and civil rights. Strong writer and researcher who is motivated to excel at everything. Broad experience in public speaking and customer relations as well as excellent leadership qualities.

What did Ashley have to offer?

I love that Alray scholars helps students get back to school. I was a college stop-out, too, as I found the transition to college to be incredibly difficult. I spent years away from college, but going back was the best decision that I made; fast forward, and I have just been offered admissions to a PhD program in the fall. I want to be able to give other students the opportunity to finish their education and achieve their dreams. As an academic and a junior scholar, I rely heavily on my ability to communicate complex ideas via my written skills. I have several years of experience writing for a rigorous graduate school curriculum, and I also write regular correspondence in my full-time job, where I communicate to college students on a regular basis.

Ashley is organized, compassionate, prompt, courteous and a terrific writer. There are so many more superlatives that describe my experience working with Ashley. She took hold of the project and completed the tasks assigned to her in a professional and timely manner. The students she interviewed...
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Janet A.

Volunteer Manager

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