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Rebecca D.

MetroWest Legal Services

MetroWest Legal Services (MWLS) is committed to protecting individual rights and improving the lives of low-income, elderly, disabled and homeless people in 36 communities throughout MetroWest. Our clients are families facing evictions, women confronting domestic violence, children in need of med...
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What did Rebecca need?

Our current logo is difficult to recognize, scale and work into other designs. We could use a fresh, clean and modern look.

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Jan 10, 2020


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Dave T.


An innovative marketer and creative director with a track record of success developing marketing strategies along with the tactics and deliverables to build brands, nurture relationships and achieve business objectives.

What did Dave have to offer?

Its easy to get overwhelmed or intimidated by the legal system or get lost in the process. This is especially true if you don't have resources or come from a disenfranchised community. The organization as described sounds very positive and the work it does important. Plus, I think I can help you translate what you do into what you say more clearly and emotively. I have over 25 years of experience as a marketer and creative director. This gives me the ability to deliver creative work that is on strategy as well as visually compelling. I would appreciate the chance to discuss the project with you and see if I can help. I think I may be able to update your logo to be more reflective the great work that you do as well as more digitally compatible.

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