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Rebecca D.

MetroWest Legal Services

MetroWest Legal Services (MWLS) is committed to protecting individual rights and improving the lives of low-income, elderly, disabled and homeless people in 36 communities throughout MetroWest. Our clients are families facing evictions, women confronting domestic violence, children in need of med...
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What did Rebecca need?

We want to raise our visibility in the community and communicate our services better to each of the target audiences.

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Jan 13, 2020


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Riley D.


Riley is an experienced writer, editor, consultant, and coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the writing/editing, hospitality, and legal industries. Riley demonstrates a high degree of initiative along with solid interpersonal skills, innovative thinking, self-sufficiency, legal ...
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What did Riley have to offer?

I come from a family of educators; so I believe in the importance of educational equity and accessibility. I am also what you might call an "underdog" of a candidate for law school -- I know nothing substantial about politics/political science; in college, I studied English and Philosophy. However, I am passionate about creating a justice system that is actually just; rooting for the liberation of the individual from sociocultural 'norms'; and I am determined to make a lasting impact (or at the very least, leave some tsunami-sized waves in my wake). This is where my passion and precision meet. My time working in the MSU Denver Writing Center gave me innumerable opportunities to fine-tune all sorts of written works and literary projects. It also gave me the experience of creating a program-specific House Style Guide. Additionally, I regularly created branded-content such as: blogs and web-pages themselves, contributing posts on social media, blurbs for blog(s) and/or website(s), 'outreach' letters to/for student clubs & organizations, annual reports, promotional flyers, informational posters, infographics, handouts, location-specific announcements, invitations for Writing-Center-sponsored events... et cetera. I am a "creative" at heart, and my creativity just so happens to be centered around language/communication.

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