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Karla G.

First Teacher

Founded in 2013 by parents from Boston, First Teacher is a community of parents and caregivers working together to prepare all our children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

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Having organizations support us by sponsoring our event means that we are able to focus on what matters most, people and programming.

I enjoyed this project very much! It was fulfilling personally and professionally.
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JoAnne S.


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Nov 13, 2019


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JoAnne S.


I am an experienced marketing professional with expertise in creating and editing communications collateral that is clear, concise, and engaging. Volunteerism is important to me and I have shared by time enthusiasm and expertise in the past with pro bono projects through both CatchAFire and t...
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What did JoAnne have to offer?

I am passionate about continuous learning, and have a sincere appreciation for The First Teacher's mission to impact that passion before kids enter kindergarten. I also have a kindergartner (and a 3rd grader) and get inspired when they beam with pride over learning something new. This morning Hudson said "I used to not know 'the' was a word but I learned it in kindergarten!" I have 20 years' experience selling services, including delivering pitch decks and crafting professional presentation materials. I have excellent writing and editing skills--it's my superpower!

The work that JoAnne has completed for us is beautiful and professional. JoAnne was incredible to work with! She has so much knowledge in marketing and in sponsorships and she kindly shared with us some incredibly helpful tips. It was important for us to find someone that aligned with our mission...
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Karla G.

Volunteer Manager

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